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My new ongoing column
By Hank Friedman

August 2022

   My Latest Additions:


The Optimal Use of Astrology Software
A Major Update of
my most important astrology software article

An Important ACS atlas update,
Astrolabe's free 2023 Hot Degrees
and Going Deeper into Retrogrades,
How Infant Temperament Extends Its Reach Into Young Adulthood,
and my latest tutorial "Understanding Retrogrades"

Why I no longer have a column in The Mountain Astrologer

The Magic of Chandra Lagna
my latest Vedic article

Mini-articles in my Insights column
and great photos plus a free Saturn's rings program

Great astronomy photos
and a new tutorial
"Psychology and the 4th House Cusp"

Asteroids on 13 June 2022

All about Astrology Software

The End of and Beginning of a New Era

Never buy a Windows "S mode" computer

The Upcoming Lunar Eclipse

Internal and External Aspects

The Most Transformative Transits

The Sky for a Year

Beyond Contradictions in Astrology
my new tutorial

Back after crash, Astro Gold update, Moon Phases 2022, and more

The free Windows program every astrologer should have

The most beautiful photo of a comet ever made!

Temporal Significators -- The True Indicators of Life Themes

The most detailed photos of the Sun ever created

Incredible Solar and Planetary Animations

Transcending Reductionism in Astrology:
Part Two

The Top Ten Astrology Programs

An amazing Jupiter video

Transcending Reductionism in Astrology:
Part One

The new mission to Mercury

How to import Solar Fire files into Astro Gold for the Mac

Insights on Partiles, Passion, and Sexual Deviance

Subscription-based astrology apps

How to select chart points and aspected points in Solar Fire
my latest YouTube video

My Tea and Oud blogs -- Updated!

The Top Ten Astrology Software

Astronomy Guide & Events Calendar 2021-2022
Best Things to See in the Night Sky

The Temporal Status of Planets
as benefics and malefics

The actual brightness of the planets

Looking at Eclipses from Both Sides
by Zane B Stein

Malware surges in Mac computers

The Second House: Ownership and Self Esteem

The Transit Oasis -- When Less is More

The Importance of the Ascendant
and Confirming your Ascendant degree

Predictive Graphs and Time Maps
in Astrology Software

Stunning Space Photographs

Astrolabe's Hot Degrees and Retrogrades 2021

My new ongoing column:
Insights in Western and Vedic astrology

Wrong time zone in IO software from Time Cycles

A Journey into Vedic Astrology
my new tutorial

A New Course in Vedic Astrology

Moon Phases in 2021

My review of Jyotish Studio 4

Wonderful Planetary Images

The best animated view of Mars rotating

New Vedic articles on prediction

You can't run your Windows astrology programs
on the new M1 Macs

The Importance of Placement in understanding Jyotish

Don't Buy a Microsoft Surface Pro X

Astro Gold 5 for the Mac has been released

The Synodic Month

Life on Venus -- with super photos -- Parts 1 and 2

Keys to Chart Synthesis -- revised

Astrology Calendars
in Western and Vedic astrology software

Two great freebies:
A great KP astrology program
and a complete Jyotish book

My Mountain Astrologer review of Parashara's Light 9

Stunning astronomy videos
of Moon and of Mars in rotation

Jyotish study materials
prepared by Prof. Anthony Writer

Over 100 new minor planets beyond Neptune discovered

New Update to ACS Atlas

Great sale on Solar Fire
through July 15, 2020

Websites and email working again
a video of the Sun's changes over a decade
and tips for astrology software owners

Astrobackup for Solar Fire
Astrolog 7.0
and How to Approach Oud/Agarwood oil

The Solar System and Beyond Poster Set

My new tutorial:
The Meaning of the Modes in astrology

My new Shelter-in-Place
Astrology Software Sale

Levels of Analysis
How to approach a Vedic chart

Using GC/MS
to determine the quality of essential oils

between the birth chart and other influences
Part One

The Far Side of the Moon
Astrocalc 6.5
Jupiter's Magnetic Fields
Time Zone issues in China
An amazing set of Chart Images

A Lovely Photo of the Moon's Phases

Astrolabe's 2020 Hot Degrees and Retrograde Shadows

Dasa Interpretation -- revised

My The Mountain Astrologer review of Janus 5.3

Hype and Astrology Software

An incredible video tour of Pluto

The Optimal Use of Astrology Software

The Quick Guide
to Finding the Best Astrology Software

Where to get Vedic astrology books

What is the right Zodiac to use for astrological work?

The Analemma at Sunset

The fastest growing astrology program

A NASA video of
The Tilts and Spins of the Planets

NASA's Mercury in Depth

My latest tutorial:
The Importance of an Accurate Birth Time

An amazing video:
Earth's motion around the Sun
not as simple as I thought

My New Tutorial:
The Most Important Transits And Dashas

My new tutorial: Accuracy in Astrology Readings

My new tutorial: The Houses Impacted by Saturn: Part Two

Can Planets be Strong in Dusthana Houses?

Updates to my Free Astrology Software
and Mobile Apps articles

July 4th new Solar Fire 9 sale!

The Very Basic Elements of Astrology -- Revised!

When Subcycles really count
(my new Vedic tutorial)

Astrology Apps for the Mobile Devices -- Revised!

The great new Janus 5 astrology program

Dusthana Houses and The Value of Adversity

Eclipses, the North Node,
and the Election of Donald Trump

Stop using your inaccurate astrology programs now!

How to evaluate Essential Oils

What astrology software can't do

A NASA visualization of
the upcoming Total Eclipse in August

Great Solar Writer Sale!
through June 24, 2017

Blending Vedic and Western Astrologies -- Revisited

More on Regulus Platinum 8

The Way of the Jyotishi

A Panoramic view of the planets in the sky

The great book: It's About Time-- reissued

The New Regulus Platinum Professional version 8

My updated reviews of Kala Vedic Software

Astrological Techniques and Uncertain Birth Times
My must-read article --Updated!

The Far Side of the Moon

Hot Degrees 2017:
The Year's Major Astrological Events

Courtesy of Astrolabe

The Keystones in Astrology - My latest tutorial

Solar Fire's Chart Search: my new YouTube tutorial

Rectifying Charts using Astrology Software

The Blessings and Challenges of
a Planet in its own Sign

AstroDatabank Redux

A Journey into The World of Oud

Free Tools for Astrology

My New Tutorial:
Finding the Themes: the Art of Synthesis

Samples of all of the reports built into Solar Fire

Precise Coordinates for your Location

The new look of Pluto

Understanding Houses: Part One

Dazzled by Power part three:
Significators and Astrological Modeling

Dazzled by Power
The seductive nature of new astrological approaches

The Asteroid Add-on for Solar Fire

Towards a Deeper Understanding of Transits:
Core Principles in Transit Interpretation

Journeys in Aromatherapy

View my most recent tutorials:

Dasa Interpretation -- revised

Factors to consider in assessing a life theme
My new Vedic tutorial

The Meaning of Exaggerated Condition

General Principles of Yoga Formation

Listening to the Story: The true art of the astrologer

A Flowchart of Dasa & Bhukti Analysis

A Tale of Three Explosions

Context is Everything: How Charts really work

I recommend that if you have come here for the first time, try exploring the Wisdom of the Week channelings (with over 150 weeks of teachings), experience the powerful transformative processes in the Wisdom and Processes of Soulhealing section, and read about what I've learned on my journey in my Recent Insights column.

You can learn a great deal about both Western and Vedic astrology by reading my 100+ free essays and tutorials, and even get a copy of your own chart. To learn when I will be teaching classes in astrology, and if you're interested, feel free to contact me.

You can also peruse my 50 page cookbook of gourmet chocolate recipes, and prepare some of my scrumptious chocolate desserts (look under About Hank), and also learn about my journey with gourmet teas, and what I consider to be the best teas that I've found so far and where to get them.

You can also explore the field of software for astrology by reading my published reviews of over eighty astrological programs, my articles on how to get the most out of (and avoid the weaknesses of) astrological software, how to get updates to the programs you own and demos of the ones you are interested in as well as a large number of free well done Western and Vedic horoscope programs, and how the most powerful programs compare to each other. I can guide you -- at no charge -- towards the best astrological software and interpretive reports for you, and provide them for you at the lowest prices. I can also help you find the best computer for your needs.

I sincerely hope that my efforts serve you well. May your way be filled with Light and Love!

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