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Friday, October 12, 2012

Context is Everything: How Charts really work

I recommend that if you have come here for the first time, try exploring the Wisdom of the Week channelings (with over 150 weeks of teachings), experience the powerful transformative processes in the Wisdom and Processes of Soulhealing section, and read about what I've learned on my journey in my Recent Insights column.

You can learn a great deal about both Western and Vedic astrology by reading my 100+ free essays and tutorials, and even get a copy of your own chart. To learn when I will be teaching classes in astrology, and if you're interested, feel free to contact me.

You can also peruse my 50 page cookbook of gourmet chocolate recipes, and prepare some of my scrumptious chocolate desserts (look under About Hank), and also learn about my journey with gourmet teas, and what I consider to be the best teas that I've found so far and where to get them.

You can also explore the field of software for astrology by reading my published reviews of over eighty astrological programs, my articles on how to get the most out of (and avoid the weaknesses of) astrological software, how to get updates to the programs you own and demos of the ones you are interested in as well as a large number of free well done Western and Vedic horoscope programs, and how the most powerful programs compare to each other. I can guide you -- at no charge -- towards the best astrological software and interpretive reports for you, and provide them for you at the lowest prices. I can also help you find the best computer for your needs.

I sincerely hope that my efforts serve you well. May your way be filled with Light and Love!

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